From the dirt roads just outside of my hometown to the grandiose landscapes I seek out in my travels, my images are a reflection of wonder and my passion for the great outdoors. It’s a passion that leads me to get up before dawn in hopes of seeing a beautiful sunrise, to hike a peak for the dramatic views that are waiting at the top, or to brave the frigid cold for the chance of catching the beautiful light created during the break in a storm. I use photography to embrace the natural beauty around me and share with others how I see the world.  

For the #FromLightToInk program, I’ve captured images that illustrate different concepts centered on the theme of embrace. For starters, a key element of shooting outdoors is embracing the unpredictability of nature. When shooting the natural world, it's hardly ever a controlled environment. Sometimes I go out to shoot with a vision of what I want to capture, and Mother Nature has something completely different in store for me. I might not get the shot I had in mind but, if I'm patient and try to compose the scene in a different way, most times I'm able to shoot something equally as beautiful.

In addition to the unpredictability of nature, I’ve tried to capture images that demonstrate how I embrace the humbling power of nature. For me, one of the biggest draws to the outside world is the sense of perspective I gain from it. The balance I feel from being out in rural or isolated settings is such an integral part of the appreciation I have for life and everything the natural world has to offer us. 

Embracing curiosity goes hand in hand with my photography. I love exploring new places, taking a dirt road just to see where it goes. You never know what lies at the end of the road; sometimes it's a dead end and sometimes it's a beautiful new shooting location.

Another key element I think is important in photography is embracing my individuality. For me, adding a human element to a typical landscape shot can really add a sense of scale making the image more interesting. I also like to add an element of whimsy to a dramatic landscape scene with something playful like flying a kite.

The final step in each of these image concepts is bringing them to life with vivid imagePROGRAF large format prints. Whatever the subject matter, when you print on these high quality printers your images have the capacity to move viewers in a much more amplified way, allowing them to completely transport into the captured moment. Each photo has a story, and a beautiful large format print allows the viewer to live that story vicariously, creating more of an emotional connection to the image.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the images that have been submitted so far and the way each photographer expresses their passion for photography through the theme of “embrace”. There’s still time to submit your entry for a chance to have your photo printed and displayed at the Canon #FromLightToInk gallery event. I look forward to seeing your submissions and to meet the talented winners in June in New York City!

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AuthorKaren Grubb